Market your business

Back in the old days, printed coupons on receipts were considered as a good marketing strategy. With passage of time, consumer behavior has changed, and so are marketing tactics. Today, more and more consumers use the internet to search, review, and compare what competitors offer. Realistically, growing business has become more affordable than before. All it takes is an attractive social media campaigns, and a professional website to leverage the opportunity over competitors.

If these campaigns are handled by professionals like us, it can lead to more customers, more traffic, and more profit. The budget is so affordable, that you don’t have anything to lose by getting involved in these social media campaigns.


Communication with clients is important for every business, a professional website can lead to improved reputation among competitors. With a website, you are able to influence thousands of potential clients about your services and competitive rates.

How it works?

We schedule your meeting with one of our experts over the phone.As we listen to Your conversation, we take a sip of our coffee, and note down Your business requirements. Our content writing team composes text for your campaign, where our offshore team processes these meeting-notes with their creative minds, and voila rough marketing draft plan is composed. The draft is shared with You, and your input is considered. Once we agree about the design and content, the plan is materialized, and your business starts to nourish.

Social Media:

One of the biggest opportunities for businesses is to reach out to these online customers is via Social media. Business not implementing this cost-effective strategy is missing out on a phenomenal opportunity.

How it works?

Our marketing team identifies your strengths, and artists on board are challenged to narrate these strengths with superlative graphics to online users within specified geographic locations. They are uploaded on to your business Facebook page and it appears as suggestion to online users.

Some Of Our New Products

DryClean PRO Enterprise

With enhanced features

DCP Mobile

Your clients are connected to your business

Uniform Tracker

Track every single piece of uniform